Portrait Busts of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III Are Heading to Sale

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Portrait Bust of Queen Elizabeth II to be SoldWilliam Burlington

What's a new way to show your devotion to the English crown? By placing a royal bust in your home, of course. On July 11th, busts of Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III are heading to auction by Dreweatts. The two lots are a part of the studio collection by the revered British sculptor Angela Conner.

Titled A Life in Sculpture, the sale comprises over 50 works that span Conner's life including detailed bronze portraiture, monumental installation works, paintings, sketches, and kinetic sculptures. "It is a pleasure to offer the studio collection of Angela Conner, a pioneer in the field of sculpture, whose works will always have the ability to inspire and evoke emotion and fascination," Francesa Whitman, Picture Specialist in the Modern and Contemporary Art department at Dreweatts said in a release.

queen elizabeth
The bust was commissioned for Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday. Courtesy of Dreweatts

Chief among the lots is a bronze portrait bust of the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II (estimated to sell for upwards of $15,000), which was commissioned by the Knights of the Garter in 2006 to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday. Carter worked from a sitting with the Queen in the Chinese room at Buckingham Palace. The piece portrays a stern Queen adorned with a double strand of pearls. Photographer John Bulnerm, Conner's husband, recounts the Queen asking how many sittings the sculpture would take. Angela told her she couldn't say, "because I don't know when I've finished until I have." The Queen dedicated six two-hour sittings for the project.

king charles iii
Courtesy of Dreweatts

A bust of the Queen's son, King Charles III (estimated to sell for upwards of $7,500) will also head to sale. The piece was commissioned by the Duke of Devonshire in 1995 for the Chatsworth collection and numbered 4 of 10.

Conner has had an illustrious career with solo exhibitions at the American Museum and Gardens (2018) and Galerie Piece Unique (2008), as well as awards from the American Institute of Architects for her work on Plaza Garden in Pittsburgh and the Kinetic Art Organisation.

For more information on the sale, please visit auctions.dreweatts.com.

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