Pregnant Mollie King needed naps when filming Beauty and the Geek

Mollie King hid her pregnancy while filming her new show Beauty and the Geek credit:Bang Showbiz
Mollie King hid her pregnancy while filming her new show Beauty and the Geek credit:Bang Showbiz

Mollie King needed to have naps when she was filming 'Beauty and the Geek' because her pregnancy made her so tired.

The former Saturdays singer hid her pregnancy from her co-host Matt Edmondson, 36, while they filmed the Discovery Plus UK reboot of the American makeover dating show which aims to match up “attractive” ladies with “nerdy” fellas.

The 35-year-old presenter - who is still expecting her baby with England cricketer Stuart Broad - would find herself sapped of energy during the day's shooting so she would sneak off for a moral boosting sleep.

Speaking to Heat magazine, she shared: "Between every scene, I’d go for a quick nap. When I eventually told him, I said ‘I’m sure you already know this, but I’m actually pregnant’ and he just went, ‘WHAT?’”

Matt quipped: “I’ve got two children myself, so you’d think I’d know…”

The pair also work together on BBC Radio 1 and Mollie believes that the fact they are such close friends and get on so well helped the daters on the show.

Mollie said: “We think that we are fantastic. Also, because we are best friends, we work really well together.”

Matt added: “We actually got some real relationships out of it, so I would say we did pretty well overall! When we weren’t filming, the cast were ushered into separate rooms, but sometimes you’d catch them where they weren’t supposed to be - holding hands or something - and Mollie and I would get so excited.”

The ‘Dress to Impress’ voiceover star called the show “life-changing” for many involved and not like other more exploitative dating programmes.

Matt said: “It’s just such a lovely cast. There’s no nastiness, no undertones just to create drama. This show was life-changing for our cast and for us. I thought I had a heart of stone but I ugly cried when everyone was talking about what being on the show had done for them.”

Mollie added: “What other shows are there where the cast still genuinely want to hang out with each other after the show?”