Pret customers cancel subscriptions as they ‘aren’t worth it’

Pret coffee
Pret coffee

Pret A Manger customers say they have abandoned their subscriptions as the offer cannot be used in service stations or abroad and is “no longer worth it”.

Others have complained about being unable to get the drinks they want, such as iced coffees and frappes, with some stores implementing a “hot drinks only” policy.

Club Pret, which was introduced by the coffee and sandwich chain during the pandemic to get customers back in stores, allows subscribers to order up to five barista-made drinks a day for a monthly fee of £30.

It was credited by Pret for its return to profit last year, but some customers are now saying the deal is no longer worthwhile.

“I got rid of it about a month ago. I just think they’ve been making it an increasingly bad deal over time,” one 26-year-old customer told the Telegraph.

Another, a London-based student, said she had cancelled her subscription because the coffee was “bad” and too expensive.

She added that she had been struggling to get the iced drinks she wanted when she went into outlets unless she went very early in the morning.

“They kept saying they had no ice and I got sick of it because all I wanted were the iced coffees and smoothies over summer. Neither were available unless you were there at like 10am,” she said.

“Price increases but no drinks available that I want? No thanks!” she added.

‘It should be universally accepted’

The company has increased the price of its subscription several times since it first launched.

It cost £20 a month when it began in 2020, with the first month free. The price rose to £25 in February 2022, and then to £30 last April.

The subscription service is also unable to be used at service stations in the UK, which has also disgruntled customers.

“Given loyal customers pay for a Pret subscription, it should be universally accepted,” one customer, who was unable to use his subscription at Stafford service station, wrote on Twitter.

One customer complained that it was not possible to use the subscription abroad, as she found out when she went into a Pret near the Gare du Nord station in Paris.

Another, from Northern Ireland, said it was “really disappointing” to have taken out a subscription only to realise he was unable to use it in Belfast.

The Club Pret subscription is also available for French customers, for €25 a month. Pret opened its first store in the country in 2012, and now has 49, including in Paris.


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The company recently launched a crackdown on people sharing their Club Pret subscriptions.

Subscribers must now use the Pret app to claim the free drinks rather than accessing their QR code in their Apple Wallet or on a smartwatch, under new rules that came into effect on March 18.

It is understood that some customers were exploiting loopholes to share the subscription, either by sending friends a screenshot of a QR code or by logging in to various devices.

Some customers have reported technical issues with their app since the changes were made, with Pret confirming it had given refunds to those who have “genuinely struggled” to log in.

Previously, a spokesman said: “A few customers may have experienced technical issues in accessing their new codes while logging into the Pret App.

“Anyone with problems accessing their new code can contact our customer support team who will be happy to help.”

The spokesman later added: “Since we made this change in March, our team have either given refunds or applied the Club Pret discount as normal to any customers who have genuinely struggled to log in.”

Pret has been contacted for comment regarding exempt stores and iced drinks.