Primary school erects 10ft fence to stop crime wave

Nick Reilly
The huge fence was erected at Twickenham Primary School (SWNS)

It looks like something from the deepest fantasies of Donald Trump, but this is the 10ft fence that has been erected around a primary school in order to protect pupils from rife reports of crime.

Residents have reacted with anger after the fence was erected at Twickenham Primary School in Kingstanding, Birmingham, following reports that  children were allegedly subjected to intimidation and anti-social behaviour.

A council planning report claimed that a total of 39 incidents had been reported to West Midlands Police since January 2016, with nine related to unauthorised access of the school grounds.

Construction on the wall began last August as a direct response to the ‘severity and and regularity of crime’.

But the safety measure has failed to impress local residents, who say that the new fence has an ‘industrial and gloomy appearance’ and a ‘prison feel’.

Residents claim the fence gives off a prison feel

Justifying the original decision in a report, Birmingham City Council wrote: ‘It is evident that Twickenham Primary School has suffered relatively extensive problems with crime and anti-social behaviour in recent years.

‘The school also wishes to limit visual interaction between the residential properties and the site, as a result of incidents where individuals have tried to intimidate pupils with inappropriate and threatening gestures.’

Terri Hall, chair of Governors for the school, said: ‘Twickenham Primary School is fully committed not only to the highest standards of educational excellence but, more importantly, to the safety of all our children.


‘Children and staff come to school to learn and be free from any form of verbal or physical intimidation.

‘Safeguarding is at the centre of everything we do and the governing board are fully committed to ensuring that children have the right to learn and play in a safe environment. Our planning application was supported by the police and planning officers.’

The statement added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents who have sent many messages of support to the school