Prime Minister Corbyn? Labour edges ahead in the polls as Tory support plunges amid Brexit chaos

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Labour are edging ahead in the polls following a collapse in Tory support (Getty)

Theresa May’s decision to delay Brexit has cost her a commanding lead against Labour, according to a new poll.

While the Prime Minister travels to Brussels to ask for another extension, the Tories have plunged 9 points in the latest Kantar poll.

Dropping to 32%, the Conservatives are now three points behind Labour, who stand at 35%.

The previous Kantar poll had the Tories on 41% – 10 points ahead of Labour – but it seems that the Brexit chaos has had a damaging effect for Mrs May.

With Labour support growing slightly, Jeremy Corbyn ill be cheered that his talks with the PM to solve the Brexit deadlock have not done his – or his party’s – brand any harm.

The same poll also found that more than half of the public would like the Government’s final Brexit deal to be put to a referendum.

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It found that 51% of Britons would like a referendum to be held on the deal once negotiations between the Government and the EU have come to an end.

One in three – 32% – would not like a public referendum to be held, and the remaining 17% do not know.

Support for a referendum on the deal includes 35% of people who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum and 67% of people who voted Remain.

Theresa May’s handling of Brexit has seemingly dented support for Conservatives (Getty)
Polling also suggests more support for a second referendum (Getty)

Despite the proposed Brexit delay, ministers remain determined to take Britain out of the EU at the “earliest opportunity”, according to Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay.

Mr Barclay insisted the Prime Minister did not want to see a lengthy delay, which was why the Government was asking only for an extension to the end of June.

He said the UK could still leave before that date if it got an agreement through Parliament in time and that ministers were committed to leaving at the “earliest opportunity”.

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