Prince George, Charlotte and Louis are huge fans of this popular tinned food - and it’s not what you’d expect from the royals

 Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Father's Day portrait.
Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis Father's Day portrait.

Prince William has surprised royal fans with the revelation that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis 'love' eating this tinned food for dinner - and it's not what you'd expect from the royals. 

Life as a member of The Firm must be so completely different to life as any other member of the public. It’s hard to imagine the pressure of being born into the royal line of succession and while, of course, we’d all love to run around in tiaras and beautiful outfits, there’s probably a lot about the lifestyle we wouldn’t enjoy.

But while there are a lot of differences, it also seems that there are a lot of similarities between our normal lifestyles and those of the royals. The biggest? Meal times.

Yes! While there are some brilliant royal banquets, these aren’t very frequent and, most of the time, royals tend to eat exactly as we all do at home. And Prince William revealed as such on his latest royal engagement.

Visiting the food distribution charity Surplus to Supper last week, the future King helped volunteers pack good parcels and got stuck in in the kitchen helping to prepare meals. This was where he noticed one of his kids’ favourite foods sitting on the side and surprised everyone by revealing their ‘love’ for it.

Speaking to The Telegraph, one volunteer recounted the story, saying, "He pointed at the food and said, 'That’s spaghetti hoops.' And I asked, 'How do you know about spaghetti hoops?' and he said, 'I’ve got children’.”

The children’s love for the simple pasta dish is one many kids will share but it’s just one of the many easy meals that the youngsters look forward to tucking into each evening.

George's is said to be a huge fan of the budget dish, spaghetti carbonara, which is often relied on by many as the perfect week-night family dish. Charlotte, on the other hand, prefers a little more spice than her brother and, as her mum Kate Middleton previously revealed, her favourite dish is a ‘hot’ curry. As for Louis, he seems to be easy to please when it comes to dinner and is happy as long as there are a tonne of vegetables on his plate.

But it’s not just the Wales children who love an easy meal. Prince William and Harry’s first baby meals, which have been revealed by a royal chef, were similarly easy to make at home with Princess Diana clearly favouring simple mealtimes.

William’s visit to meet with the food charity was his first engagement following his family’s Easter break and, despite the fact he was away from his wife and kids for the first time in weeks, the volunteers said he was very ‘focused on’ their work and seemed keen to learn more about what they do.

“You could see he very much wanted to focus on us and genuinely learn how we impact the community we serve," one of the charity’s members of staff told PEOPLE Magazine. "He said to the young people that they had really helped give him that picture of what we do and how important it is to the community.”

In return for his kindness, the charity also presented the prince with a bouquet of flowers for Kate as well as a selection of cards to wish her a speedy recovery - something William was very touched by. "We had a flower arrangement from the staff and one from the young people and volunteers,” the staff member added.. “He was very thankful that we were asking after her.”

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