Prince Harry 'furious' as Mike Tindall given 'high position' at Invictus Games

Prince Harry is reportedly seething after Mike Tindall was assigned a prominent role at the Invictus Games, according to Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

The Invictus Games, inspired by the US Warrior Games and established by Prince Harry in 2014, are designed to give injured veterans the opportunity to participate in competitive sports akin to the Paralympics.

Speaking to GB News, Fitzwilliams expressed concern that the event has become "too royal" due to the involvement of Harry and his spouse, Meghan Markle, reports the Express.

He remarked: "Mike Tindall, who is the husband of Zara, the King's niece, has been given a high position to do something about the Invictus Games."

"I think Harry is absolutely furious about this. It has been announced, but very quietly."

Fitzwilliams continued: "Some people say they want Harry because he's the beginning of the whole Invictus Games, and other people say that it would be delightful that they don't do all this nonsense and they don't want Meghan making speeches. They don't want her leading marches."

"She did lead people who were in winning last year, and she walked as if she was at a dress show and they were walking behind her looking very angry because she doesn't really know very much about the army and the military."

The expert also suggested that any hopes for reconciliation between Harry and the Royal Family seem slim, especially with Harry expected to quickly return to Meghan following the May 8 event in London.

Fitzwilliams remarked: "He won't be going to see his father or brother. It's said that he won't be here for very long."

Prince Harry is expected to make a personal appearance at an imminent event, having previously considered participating via video link due to concerns over his security.

His recent legal challenge against the Home Office regarding police protection was unsuccessful, resulting in the loss of his entitlement to Royal security services.

Following an extensive legal dispute, his request for additional protection was denied this February.

In spite of the ongoing disputes, Harry is set to return to the UK next month to attend an event for the Invictus Games, which he founded in 2014 with the Ministry of Defence.

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