Prince Harry's 'last few ties to old life are being cut' as King Charles makes 'kick in the teeth' move

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The Royal military honour has been passed to his older brother William -Credit:Getty Images

Prince Harry has been dealt a new blow as the Royal Family appears to be hastening efforts to sever his remaining ties to his former life, according to Royal expert Tom Quinn.

The decision to strip Harry of his role as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps is a "a real kick in the teeth" for the Duke of Sussex, Quinn claims.

Adding salt to the wound, the military honour is being passed on to his brother, Prince William, whom Harry reportedly blames for many of his troubles. The official transfer of the title took place today at a ceremony at the Army Aviation Centre at Middle Wallop, an event that left the King feeling "tinged with sadness".

Speaking at the Army Flying Museum within the Centre, Charles light-heartedly assured that the regiment would be in safe hands. "What a great joy it is to be here on this occasion," the 75-year-old monarch told veterans, families and staff.

However, he also expressed sorrow reports the Mirror, saying: "But also it is tinged with great sadness after 32 years of knowing you all and admiring your many activities and your achievements."

The King also revealed a plaque marking the arrival of the first Apache AH Mk. 1 to be housed in a UK museum.

Just days ago, Royal expert Mr Quinn revealed that Prince Harry was "in tears" when the Queen announced that his honour would be passed to Prince William. This announcement came just hours after it was confirmed that the King would not meet with Harry during his brief visit to the UK last week.

Mr Quinn suggested that the timing of this announcement indicates that Harry is "no longer welcome" within the Royal family. He went on to say that senior royals proceeded with the announcement despite knowing it would upset Harry, as his role as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps was something he took great pride in.

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Mr Quinn told the Mirror: "King Charles' announcement that Prince Harry is being stripped of his role as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps is a real kick in the teeth for the son who always felt marginalised and underrated."

He added: "What makes it much worse is that the role is being given to the very man who Harry sees as the cause of so many of his problems his brother. And the announcement was deliberately made during Harry's brief visit to the UK to have maximum impact it shows Harry that he really is no longer welcome.

"The senior royals knew the announcement would really hurt Harry he is said to have been in tears when he heard - but they have decided the gloves are off and that Harry needs to realise that when you betray the family, you don't just escape the things you hated doing as a working royal. You also lose the things you loved.

"And being Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps was something Harry really did enjoy and of which he was very proud."

The author went on to suggest that the haste of the announcement indicated the royals "can't wait to be rid of this troublesome prince."

Mr Quinn remarked: "Harry feels his time in the military was a rare happy time in his life when he was judged on his merits as a man not on his merits as a member of the royal family.

"Having always hated being the spare in terms of the succession he now finds that one of the few important roles he had as the younger brother has now been handed over to the person Harry himself described as his nemesis. Harry cannot fail to get the message his last few ties to his old life are being cut and he is being set adrift, permanently."

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