Prince William called 'the willy watcher' by Wales rugby captain

Prince William meets Wales players
Prince William meets Wales players -Credit:© Huw Evans Picture Agency

Former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas labelled Prince Williams a "willy watcher" after his visits to the Welsh dressing room often saw him catch players in the nude.

The funny story was revealed by Wales legend Shane Williams during a recent podcast appearance. Both William and wife Kate Middleton have been regular visitors to Wales rugby internationals in Cardiff over the years.

William is patron of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and the Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust. He took over the role from the Queen in 2016 and had been vice royal patron of WRU since 2007.

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Discussing the post-match tradition of the Royal couple visiting the changing rooms, Sportin Wales podcast host Geraint Hardy first asked Williams who the most famous person he's had a photo with is.

Fellow podcast panelist Alex Cuthbert suggestedd: "Prince William?"

Williams said: "Yeah, Prince William. Yeah he came into the changing rooms a number of times when the boys were getting changed. It was a bit embarrassing, but..."

Cuthbert added: "He loves it!"

Hardy then questioned what the protocol is with such a visit.

Cuthbert answered: "They tell the boys that they're coming in. They have these bodyguards that are everywhere. They're people you don't even realise are the bodyguards. His main bodyguard is from Bridgend, he's Welsh. He brings him in. Kate used to come in now and then. Boys are obviously trying to get out of the shower quickly!"

Williams said: "They're pretty down to earth - future King and everything. But they're normal people at the end of the day. I remember him coming into the changing rooms once and Alfie was captain and had met him a number of times before. And he was like - 'Wahey! Here he comes, the willy watcher!'

" [I thought] Alfie, I don't know if you can say that!"

Cuthbert then explained that Prince William initiates a lot of post-match talk with players.

"He (William) follows it quite a lot," said Cuthbert. Last game we played England I was injured, I was in some crutches in the corner of the room and he came past and caught me and grabbed me for a conversation. Just chatting about kids and so forth. He said his boy George is starting to play rugby but said he wasn't going to be any good!

They were then asked whether the players have to make sure they're all decent before addressing Princess Kate.

Cuthbert: "Yeah, I think so. I think Liam Williams tries it. He tried to be an exception which was quite funny at one point. I'm sure he got told quickly, you've got to get that towel on."

You can listen to the full podcast here.