Prince William supports teen Grenfell victim in DIY SOS special

The Duke of Cambridge has offered kind words to a young Grenfell victim during filming of a DIY SOS special.

The prince teamed up with the BBC1 show to help rebuild a boxing club destroyed in the June 14 blaze, and develop a separate community centre.

The new boxing club and community centre are just metres away from Grenfell Tower (PA)

Speaking to 14-year-old Jodie, who lost a friend in the fire, William asked the amateur boxer: “Have you found it quite difficult afterwards?”

Jodie replied: “Yeah, I didn’t know how to cope with it but boxing is the main aspect that takes my mind off it and I really enjoy it.”

William agreed that it was “a horrible process to have to go through”, adding “you’ve got the right people around you and I hope you talk about it.

“It’s OK to talk about how much you miss your friend, that’s perfectly normal, but keep boxing as well. I can see that twinkle in the eyes, you’re going to be good.”

The boxing club has been based in a car park since the blaze (PA)


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£2 million is being spent on the construction of the new Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club, which had been based in a gym on the first floor of Grenfell Tower since 1999.

Since the blaze, which killed 71 people, the club has been based in a car park.

World champions James DeGale and George Groves both began their careers at the club.

William described Grenfell as “one of the biggest disasters in modern time in this country” (PA)

William described the tragic fire as “brutal and horrendous” in a conversation with presenter Nick Knowles.

He said: “It’s been one of the biggest disasters in modern time in this country and I think everyone has been shocked by how brutal and horrendous it all was.

“I think everyone’s kind of playing catch up trying to work out how you deal with such a truly horrendous situation but for the community they’re reliving it all the time.”

The DIY SOS team also worked on a new community centre close to Grenfell (PA)igin

William added: “Progress needs to happen and the community coming together is obviously the first important part of fixing that but there’s still lots to do.”

DIY SOS: Grenfell airs on Wednesday 5 September on BBC1 at 9pm.