Princess Beatrice says 'family is everything' in first live TV interview and gives health update on Sarah Ferguson

Princess Beatrice on This Morning
Princess Beatrice on This Morning -Credit:ITV

HRH Princess Beatrice joined This Morning hosts Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson for her first-ever live television interview on Monday.

Speaking from the top of the Empire State Building in New York, Princess Beatrice explained: “It's so wonderful to be with you and I absolutely promise I really am standing on the top of the Empire State Building in New York. Even though the weather looks a little bit grey, I am here to kick off an amazing challenge, which is called ‘The Big Rappel’.”

It is part of her work with the Outward Bound charity, which she is a trustee for.

Discussing her mum Sarah, Duchess of York, appearing as a guest editor and co-host on the show last year, Princess Beatrice said: “She absolutely loves working with the This Morning team. I think it's one of her favourite, favourite things to do! You know, she's such a phenomenal icon and as you know, as a mum, she's been amazing and she's been through so much and her sense of sort of purpose and resilience, really keeps me going.”

She added: “I thought it was one of the most hilarious segments I've seen for a while. I watched it sort of half under the sofa and half sort of like, ‘Come on mum, you can do it!’ So, it was a great day.”

Asked by Josie how Sarah, Duchess of York is following a health scare last year, Princess Beatrice said: “She's still doing really well, thank you Josie. You know, she had a bumpy health scare last year but no, all clear now. I think at 64, she's thriving.”

Princess Beatrice continued: “She's been through so much but I think really now she's sort of coming into her own. I think we're just reminded, when any parent or individual has sort of a health scenario, just really get the checks that you need to get as early as you possibly can. I think, you know, both my sister and I are so proud of her for taking those steps to get those checks and [we’ve] sort of really modelled our health considerations on that. We're really lucky in the UK to make sure that you can get those checks as best you can and hopefully we can do as much as we [can] to support each other when anyone goes through a health scare.”

Later in the interview, she added: “Nothing’s more important than family.”

Discussing her love of New York, Princess Beatrice told Craig and Josie: “I had the opportunity to live here for a couple of years, so I've got some wonderful best friends. Some fantastic kinds of local haunts that I really enjoy. But you know, New York for me, when I was figuring out my life and what I wanted to do, New York gave me a place to kind of have a job and just get on with it. So, New York has always had such a special place for me and also for mum as well.

"I mean, you know, she came out here and started her charity back in the day. So New York for us has always been a great city to spend some time in. But now, very happy to be back in the UK with my family as well.”

Princess Beatrice on This Morning
Princess Beatrice on This Morning -Credit:ITV

Sharing an update on her children, she said: “My little ones are phenomenally excited about coming to travel, but my daughter is two-and-a-half and I haven't yet braved the international flight!”

Discussing her experience as a parent and the charity work she is currently doing, Princess Beatrice said: “Young people these days are having to go through so much with social media and with the debates around screen time. Actually, we just need to make sure that there are places like Outward Bound, which offer phenomenal programmes, to make sure that every child gets the best opportunities to think about confidence, resilience, and these sort of essential life skills, that mean that any challenge that they kind of look at, we can give them in sort of a bit more a bit more support.

“As I said, I've had a chance to meet some of the students that have been supported by Outward Bound. And even you know, even in New York listening to the stories with Outward Bound schools, I'm just so inspired, that something that has got such a phenomenal legacy is still relevant today, to make sure that young people have what they need to thrive.”

As the fog closed in at the top of the Empire State Building, Princess Beatrice joked: “I'm still here!” and said: “And you know, when I'm back in the UK, maybe we could do something together!”