Pro-Syrian Forces Bombard Islamic State Targets in Golan Heights

Pro-Syrian regime forces carried out multiple airstrikes against Islamic State positions in the Golan Heights on Saturday, July 21, according to pro-regime media and the Jerusalem Post.

The Syrian Army had been advancing towards the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, reportedly closing in on the last of the remaining towns in Daraa governorate on Thursday following an offensive in June. Rebels also began to evacuate areas of neighboring Quneitra governorate on Saturday after reaching a deal with Russian officers that would allow those not willing to live under state rule to leave, according to Reuters.

This footage was shot from Israel, looking towards the Golan Heights, by Jerusalem Post journalist Seth J. Frantzman. It shows plumes of smoke rising in the distance. Frantzman reported that around 30 strikes were heard in the space of three hours. Credit: Seth J. Frantzman via Storyful