Professor Green battling pneumonia in hospital after suffering ‘rare’ allergic reaction

Jennifer ruby
'On the mend': Professor Green is in hospital with pneumonia: Professor Green/Instagram

Professor Green has revealed that he is currently in hospital battling pneumonia after contracting an infection.

The rapper – real name Stephen Manderson – told fans that he is ‘on the mend’ after suffering an allergic reaction to the mesh used during a recent hernia operation.

Green was forced to return to hospital this week after contracting pneumonia and suffering a series of potentially life-threatening complications including a collapsed lung.

After posting a series of photos of himself in a hospital gown on Instagram, Green decided to update all of his followers on his condition.

“Right I'm on the mend. Turns out I'm only the second person in the world to have an allergic reaction to the mesh used to fix my hernia,” he wrote.

“I've had a giggle on instagram but here's the reality. I didn't wanna worry anyone, least of all my nan.”

He continued: “I came back to hospital with pnuemonia, a partially collapsed lung, distension, fluid build up and ileus (my guts had shut down).

“I'm getting better. Everything is starting to work again, all my bloods are looking better and I finally got some sleep last night.”

In the candid post, the Back on the Market rapper said that he had been getting ‘emotional’ as he was in the most ‘painful’ situation he had ever been in.

He wrote: “If I seemed a bit emotional at times it's been because I've been awake most hours of each day and it becomes quite a lot like torture when you have your entire life taken away from you and you're stuck in a room in the most uncomfortable and painful situation you've ever been in (I've only been taking paracetamol as opioids make the problem even worse), not to mention the anxiety that comes with not knowing why any of this is happening.”