Protesters Rally in Athens Against New Bailout Deal

Protesters marched through Athens, Greece, on Monday, January 15, as lawmakers voted to approve new reforms demanded by international lenders supporting bailout loans for the Greek government.

These videos filmed by a protester show demonstrators chanting and holding banners as they marched through the capital’s streets.

In Athens, some demonstrators walked from Omonoia Square to the Parliament building, according to Greek news media. About 20,000 people joined simultaneous anti-government protests across the country, it was reported.

The protest culminated in clashes between demonstrators and police outside the Greek Parliament, local media reported. Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters, who in turn threw objects at them, it was reported.

The reforms, which included laws making it harder for unions to call strikes and cuts in family benefits, come as euro zone finance ministers meet on January 22 to review whether Greece will receive the next tranche of bailout loans. Credit: Twitter/Tonia Papakosta via Storyful