Prove yourself with Devon Live's Weakest Link Quiz

Romesh Ranganathan is the new host of The Weakest Link
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

Think you could hack it on a game show, or do you cave with the pressure? Now is your chance to test yourself with our pre-quiz teaser questions thanks to Devon Live - don't fret though, unlike on a real gameshow, there's no risk of being ridiculed by a sharp-tongued host.

Remember those absolute corkers like "Whose brain is the same size as a pinhead" or "Who thinks Salmorejo is some sort of makeup? ". While they weren't directed at anyone, they sure did bring that extra dollop of humour and chuckles to The Weakest Link.

The thrill of The Weakest Link is found in its swift-fire questioning and the constant removal of contestants, surely causing an adrenaline surge. But relax, you can take your time with our light-hearted five questions without the fear of a dreaded ride-home interview.

At the end of the day, The Weakest Link is all about seeing off players on the basis of their trivia prowess, sprinkled with the occasional ribbing. We've got you covered though, with a few warm-up questions to get your brain into gear. So, are you all set for the challenge?

Give 'start quiz' a click and be sure to drop your result down in the comments....