Putin acting 'irrationally,' says analyst, but settlement possible

STORY: Mary Ellen O’Connell, Professor of International Dispute Resolution at the University of Notre Dame, said that the conflict is at a critical juncture, and that Russia’s failure to attain its military objectives provides an opportunity.

New talk of compromise from both Moscow and Kyiv on a status for Ukraine outside of NATO lifted hope on Wednesday for a potential breakthrough.

In what was seen as a major shift, Zelenskiy had said on Tuesday Ukraine could accept international security guarantees that stopped short of its longstanding aim to join NATO.

Keeping Ukraine out of the Western military alliance was one of Russia's main demands before it invaded Ukraine.

O’Connell said that while Russian anger over NATO expansion may have been understandable, Putin’s resort to a massive invasion of Ukraine as a response is not.

“It makes very little sense. So, I’m beginning to believe along the lines of others that believe this is really a moment of true irrationality… by President Putin,” she added.