Quarantine plans go from draft to daft

Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

If it is too dangerous for the House of Commons to open to all MPs (Report, 1 June), why not repurpose the Royal Albert Hall? It can seat 5,272. Plenty of elbow room for debate with social distancing. Democracy must be allowed to work, and to be seen to be working.
Kim Thonger
Finedon, Northamptonshire

• Your article (Critics round on No 10 over ‘ridiculous’ rules for 14-day quarantine, 1 June) refers to “draft plans” that will allow new arrivals to the UK to go shopping and use public transport. I assume this is a classic Grauniad typo and should read “daft” plans.
Val Harrison

• If the government is worried about new arrivals to the UK bringing in infection, why not test them at the border? They’d be quarantined for just 48 hours till the results come in, then if it’s negative they go free.
Cristina Howick

• Dr Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, thinks that we will recognise genuine track and trace callers because of the conversation we have with them. So as simple as recognising hoax calls from banks?
Polly Bird
Bedlington, Northumberland

• I wonder how many people testing positive for Covid-19 will tell tracers they’ve been in contact with Dominic Cummings. (Most of Islington?) They will be anonymous, so difficult for him to refute their claims.
Anna Lee
Weymouth, Dorset

• Monday “shambolic”, Tuesday “obfuscate”. Do I detect a pattern in your Word wheel in G2?
Paul R Baines

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