The Queen launches creative new initiative for kids during coronavirus lockdown

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One of the more heartwarming aspects of the coronavirus pandemic is how everyone, from celebrities to children, has pitched in to offer their own form of support and assistance.

And the royal family is no different. Last week, the Queen issued a heartfelt statement of support to UK citizens while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who joined in with the countrywide clap for the NHS alongside their children on 28 March, explained via Instagram that they are continuing to work with mental health charities.

But it seems that Queen wanted to do even more and so this week announced a new crafting initiative for children on the Royal Family's official Twitter page.

The post reads: "Every Monday we'll be sharing fun activities and learning resources for your children to enjoy at home. Today, why not design your own #Investiture medal? Download @RCT's worksheet here."

The accompanying picture is an outline of an investiture medal which can be coloured in and adapted.

Beside the drawing were the questions: "What colours are you going to use? What patterns and symbols are you going to include? Maybe you want to add something that symbolises you or your family?"

A further instruction added: "Personalise your medal thinking about what makes your achievement special or why you are being honoured."

To help children understand the significance of the medal, a second Twitter post on the craft idea clarified: "Medals are given to The Queen or other members of The Royal Family to people for special achievements, bravery, services to the United Kingdom. Who would your medal be for? Share your designs with us below!"

The Royal Collection Trust resources, linked in the original Tweet, include numerous activities for children to enjoy – from a worksheet on decorating a room at the palace, to designing a carriage and even your own crown.

You can download your very own medal here and check out the full range of activities here.

We must confess, we might download a medal of our own. Well, we deserve it, right?

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