Quiz! Are these 'facts' about cats and dogs true or false?

Rob Waugh
·1-min read
Quiz! Are these 'facts' about cats and dogs true or false?

In Britain, around half of us own pets, with cats and dogs by far the most popular, according to the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA).

Around 51% of British adults have a pet, the charity says, with more than 10 million of each in Britain (rabbits achieve a distant third place with 1 million).

But how much do you really know about man’s best friend, the dog – and man’s other best friend, the cat?

Our multiple-choice quiz cleverly blends some unusual facts about cats and dogs, from the way they think to the way they sweat, with some plausible-sounding but completely untrue lies.

It starts off fairly easily with some obvious whoppers and some facts you might know from general knowledge.

But stick with it, and there are some very plausible lies, and some facts that couldn’t possibly be true… or could they?

Can you tell the real facts from the fakes? Test your dog and cat knowledge below!

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