Quiz! How much do you know about 'Gogglebox'?

Quiz! How much do you know about 'Gogglebox'?

It’s the simplest of ideas, and Gogglebox has proved a hit since it started airing on our screens in 2013.

Based on people’s reactions to what they’re watching on the telly, the TV show has the nation in stitches on a regular basis, and many of its families have become household names thanks to their long-running appearances.

Now the show is available on Netflix, so you can binge-watch all the episodes you missed and see the families who have now left back in action.

And if that’s not enough, a brand-new series returns to our screens in February, promising all our old favourite faces as well as a few new ones.

Are you a die-hard Gogglebox fan who can name each and every family, spot their living room and know where they’re from, or do you think you know more than you actually do?

Take our 15-question multiple-choice quiz to test your Gogglebox knowledge. Let’s see how you do...

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