'Wannabe' at 25: Can you remember these 15 iconic debut pop singles?

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'Wannabe' at 25: Can you remember these 15 iconic debut pop singles?

It might feel like only yesterday to some people, but it's 25 years since the Spice Girls' debut single Wannabe hit the charts and turned pop music upside down. 

Released on 8 July 1996, the hit spent seven weeks at No 1 in the UK and four in the US.

It transformed the previously unknown girl group into global stars and launched a career that saw them become one of the most famous bands in history. 

As that iconic single marks its 25th birthday, we're here to help you find out exactly how good your knowledge is of some well-known debut singles in musical history. 

From Dire Straits to Dua Lipa, can you remember some of the biggest first songs of recent years?

Test your knowledge of well-known debut singles from bands and solo artists over the decades with Yahoo UK's 15-question multiple-choice quiz. 

Whether it's what year they were released, whose songs they were, or their memorable lyrics, we'll test every aspect of your knowledge. 

Take the quiz now and see how you do....

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