Race Across The World viewers left cringing at queue jumping

The BBC travel series contestants did not display their best manners in the latest leg of the race.

Race Across the World S4,17-04-2024,2,Stephen & Viv,Studio Lambert ,Studio Lambert
Race Across The World viewers were cringing at Steven's queue jumping. (BBC)

What did you miss?

Race Across The World viewers were left cringing by the behaviour of some of the contestants, including queue jumping and complaining about "tired legs".

The BBC One series saw contestants travel from Japan to South Korea this week, but viewers felt that some of those taking part were showing bad manners.

However, later in the episode viewers learned a bit more about one contestant that gave some context to his behaviour.

What, how, and why?

Race Across The World viewers felt some contestants' competitive spirit had got in the way of their manners this series as they were left cringing over scenes of queue jumping and complaining.

In the new series' second episode, the pairs had to travel from Japan to South Korea, but in their haste to get ahead in the race, some of the contestants forgot their manners.

Race Across the World S4,17-04-2024,2,Stephen,Studio Lambert ,Studio Lambert
Steven was accused of bad manners for jumping various queues. (BBC)

One viewer commented on X: "Some of the contestants behaviour is a little bit embarrassing this year."

Steven, travelling with his wife Viv, was one of the main culprits as he repeatedly tried to jump queues to buy tickets for trains and ferries.

Viv admitted: "When Steven tried to queue jump, the ground could have swallowed me up. I think going forward, he could be a little bit of a loose cannon at times."

Viewers agreed, as one person commented: "Steven trying to queue jump that’s not very British," while someone else wrote: "Cut in!!! But the British love to queue." Another viewer added: "You can’t push in when in Japan."

Race Across the World S4,17-04-2024,2,Alfie & Owen,Studio Lambert ,Studio Lambert
Alfie and Owen had a few tense moments again. (BBC)

Someone else commented: "Stephen loves a Queue jump. He's just as bad as Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield during "Queue Gate"."

Best friends Alfie and Owen continued to have a chaotic race as they struggled to agree on budget and in finding people to help them.

Alfie began complaining about having sore legs from all the walking as one viewer commented: "Alfie sounds like my 3 year old 'tired legs'," while someone else added: "Feels like we're just minutes away from Alfie getting on the ground and having a tantrum."

What else happened on Race Across The World?

Race Across the World S4,17-04-2024,2,Alfie,Studio Lambert ,Studio Lambert
Alfie explained more about his childhood and work ethic. (BBC)

Alfie gave viewers more of an insight into his drive to win as he explained how he had lived with just his grandmother from birth and had worked night shifts at a supermarket while he was still at school.

One viewer commented: "I love #RaceAcrossTheWorld. They really do choose the best and most interesting contestants. Alfie’s story is amazing. It’s not ever what you think it will be."

Someone else wrote: "Ok that’s a serious work ethic. But Alfie’s young - this is the opportunity of a lifetime. He needs to enjoy it."

The pair were also shown lightening up a little on an unusual day out to a "penis park" in South Korea - a park full of penis statues.

One viewer commented: "The Penis Park bit in #RaceAcrossTheWorld is already one of the funniest bits of television this year. Easily."

Race Across The World airs on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesdays.

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