Rachel Riley tells George Galloway to 'f**k off' following antisemitism row

The Countdown star has hit out at the Respect MP.
The Countdown star has hit out at the Respect MP.

Countdown star Rachel Riley has told George Galloway to f**k off following a heated antisemitism row on Twitter.

The mathematician revealed how she’s recently been abused on social media after accusing The Labour Party of being antisemitic.

Fellow Countdown star Nick Hewer has subsequently relinquished his support of the party, which prompted Riley to tweet: “Thanks to Nick Hewer and everyone else standing shoulder to shoulder with me and so many others, against bullying, and against Antisemitism. It’s so very much appreciated. BeLouder.”

Former Labour MP and Respect MP George Galloway then commented: “Dumbfounding. She calls Chomsky (or Chomski as she styles him) an anti-Semite and slanders half the Labour Party as the same. 1980’s left-wing comedy icon and all round gent backs…her! #Corbyn #Labour.”

Riley bluntly replied: “F*** off George Galloway.”

“Today is not the day I’m going to be polite to antisemite scum – to be explicit George Galloway,” she added.

Stephen Fry also declared his support for Riley, writing: “I stand with you, Rachel.”

That prompted Galloway to respond again with: “To be clear Stephen Fry, are you “standing by” Rachel Riley off Countdown as an arithmetician or because you too consider NoamChomsky (aka Chomski) to be an Anti-Semite?”.

Last year, Riley, an Oxford maths graduate, revealed how she was described as a “Tory, brainwashed and thick” as she was criticised for accusing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of racism.

But refusing to be silenced by her critics, she wrote: “Much as I appreciate being called Tory, brainwashed and thick, I don’t have any party loyalties, I form my opinions based on available evidence.

“Religion wise, I choose Man United. Life wise I choose the options without intolerance, hatred and fear. #AntiSemitism.”

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