Rangers hero has 'feeling he can't shake' over stadium shambles as he spots clue club slept on it for MONTHS

Kenny Miller reckons Rangers knew their stadium shambles was on the cards MONTHS ago - and asked the club why they're only acting now.

The Ibrox side are in talks with the SFA who are expected to greenlight Hampden as a temporary home, with their usual home stadium out of action until September. Fans are anxiously awaiting an announcement over where their first two league games and their early Champions League qualifiers are to be played, and the relative silence from the club since the initial announcement has led to some frustrations.

And Miller senses those rising. He reckons the club knew they could face a situation like this all the way back in March, when they announced a friendly with Manchester United at Murrayfield rather than Ibrox. And he's called on the higher-ups to give the fans some clarity on what's really happening.

He told Clyde 1 SSB: "It was surprising to hear the news that Ibrox won't be ready. But it doesn't look good on the club in terms of organisation, whatever the reasons are. The Champions League game in particular, that Ibrox atmosphere has been such an important part of Rangers' European fixtures which they're not going to have now. So where is it going to be? They need to make a decision to let the fans know where their home is going to be for the next three, four or five games.

"Hampden would be easier logistically for the Glasgow fans. Murrayfield is the bigger stadium and they can maybe get more fans in. But they just need to get the decision made and let the fans know. At least then they can put the situation, which isn't ideal by the way, to bed for the next few weeks.

"Just let the fans know. It doesn't need to be statements every single day, but it directly affects them. It was looking like it was going to be Murrayfield for a while - I actually thought they'd arranged the Manchester United friendly with that in mind, because it was a strange thing.

"They already knew Ibrox wasn't going to be available for that. They've had a fair idea for a while this might happen. So why has it not been organised until now? I can't help but shake the feeling that this game was planned with this in mind."