Ranvir Singh 'blissfully happy' with toyboy

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Ranvir Singh 'blissfully happy' with toyboy credit:Bang Showbiz
Ranvir Singh 'blissfully happy' with toyboy credit:Bang Showbiz

Ranvir Singh is "blissfully happy" with her toyboy partner.

The 45-year-old 'Good Morning Britain' presenter has been dating Louis Church, 18 years her junior, since September 2020 after meeting during her stint on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and Ranvir says she doesn't notice the age gap.

She told Woman and Home: "I knew Louis was special the minute he walked in... He has instinctively known exactly what I need… I don’t see an age gap.

"What really matters in any kind of relationship in life is a synchronicity of values and emotions. I don’t know why we’re so obsessed with the age gap.

"As we are, right now, we are blissfully happy and Louis lives very much in the present."

She added that they don't "bring undue pressure" into their relationship, explaining: "It’s not worth ruining the present by thinking about a wealth of different scenarios that might or might not happen."

Ranvir also spoke up on her battle with her weight, insisting she is much happier now than when she was dieting.

She said: "I feel 100 per cent happier now, and looking after myself is more about health and not needing to be the thinnest person that I can be.

"When I reached 42, the age my dad died, I had a horrible realisation of how young he was. I thought, 'I’ve got to be more aware of my health because heart attacks can be hereditary.'

"Part of the transition to ease off five 3am alarm calls a week was partly to do with the long term bigger picture, to have a healthy long life."