Ranvir Singh suffers wardrobe malfunction as she steps in to host Lorraine

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Ranvir Singh, while hosting ITV's Lorraine show on Friday, experienced a wardrobe malfunction but carried on unfazed. The presenter was filling in for regular host Lorraine Kelly when the incident occurred.

Following a commercial break halfway through the programme, the cameras returned to Ranvir as she introduced a clip of celebrity chef Levi Roots, saying: "Now if you're planning a barbecue for the football this weekend, here's Levi Roots with one of his favourite recipes."

However, as she spoke, her large hoop earring began to slip from her right ear and had fallen to the floor by the time she finished her sentence. Despite this, she remained composed and didn't mention it before the clip of Levi started.

Viewers noticed the mishap on social media, with one user writing: "When one of your earrings falls out live on air! @ranvir01," reports the Mirror. Another added: "I wasn't hallucinating, cheers."

This isn't the first time Ranvir has had a wardrobe malfunction live on air. In 2021, Ranvir found herself humorously apologising after a wardrobe malfunction on Good Morning Britain.

She was co-hosting the ITV news programme with Richard Bacon when she had to adjust her dress which had gaped open.

Ranvir Singh, while chuckling, admitted to having "A little bit of a sweaty palm," as she started adjusting her dress.

During her stint on Lorraine, she responded live on air to viewers' comments about her outfit, which some said resembled "lovely wallpaper".

She shared with the audience: "Could I just say that my lovely friend Russ always texts me when I'm on the show right, and today he's said 'I'd love some lovely wallpaper like your outfit. Think it would look gorgeous in my back bedroom'," she revealed.

She concluded by saying: "Thanks very much Russ."