Rare tornado rips through Quebec neighbourhood in dramatic video

Tom Richell

A rare tornado has been filmed ripping through a neighbourhood in Quebec, Canada.

The footage, captured by local resident Félix Charette, depicts a frighting scene with debris flying through the air and trees violently swaying in the wind.

"Holy s***!" he can be heard screaming in the viral clip.

"Oh my god!", he continues.

The tornado has left more than 50,000 residents of the Quebec city of Gatineau without power and half-a-dozen people have been taken to hospital with injuries caused by the freak storm.

A month into a regional election campaign, the storm has caused politicians to drop everything and rush to the affected area to show support in the wake of the devastation.

Soon after the tornado touched down, Premier Philippe Couillard tweeted, "I will suspend my campaign tomorrow morning to go to the Outaouais to meet the citizens affected by this tornado and to talk with the municipal authorities and the civil security stakeholders on the ground."