Raven-Symone defends her wife against online ‘trolls’

Raven-Symone has defended her wife against online "trolls".

The actress spoke up in a TikTok video after Miranda Pearman-Maday was sent death threats by angry fans.

“I’m here with Miranda, my wife, to tell you to stop it in the comments,” Raven, 38, said in the video as she sat side by side with Miranda.

“And stop with the death threats in her DMs. It is disrespectful to her, and in turn, disrespectful to me. Stop it.”

Miranda, 37, had unleashed the ire of her wife's superfans by admitting she had never watched Raven's Disney series That's So Raven.

Ravens fans were furious, believing she had claimed never to have heard of her wife before they met.

“It’s really become wild. I hope to clear the air right now and let you all know that I never have once said that I did not know who Raven was,” Miranda said in the same video.

“I only ever said that I did not grow up watching That’s So Raven.”

She added she had caught up on most of Raven's body of work since they met in 2015.

“I did not watch her as a child, but since getting married and meeting her in 2015, I have seen the majority of her work," Miranda said.

Raven wound up the clip with one final message: "And for all the blue checks out there acting like trolls, sit down.”