Ray Kelly actor Sean Mahon chased on to train by furious EastEnders fan

By Craig Simpson, Press Association
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Ray Kelly actor Sean Mahon chased on to train by furious EastEnders fan

The Irish star has noticed a change in how fans treat him in real life.

EastEnders star Sean Mahon has said he faced abuse on the Tube over his role as scoundrel Ray Kelly.

The Irish stage and screen actor was accosted by a furious member of the public who questioned him over his character’s machinations.

Mahon said a woman chased him down an Underground station platform and leapt on to his train to deliver an aggressive tirade, saying “Who do you think you are?”

The actor said his interactions in real life have become more troubling since his recent exploits in the soap.

There has been anger over his treatment of on-screen partner Mel Owen – played Tamzin Outhwaite.

Mahon said: “There was a lot of affable reaction to me on the streets, it’s gotten a little bit darker.

“I got someone attack me, nearly attack me, on the train, on the subway. I won’t go into too many details.

“A person recognised me – probably out of their head – recognised me, ran up and down the platform after me, jumped on the train after me, and then started aggressive talk, then got off the train.

“She was like ‘Who do you think you are?’ That was the extent of the high drama. I didn’t know what to do.”

The public reaction to Mahon may only get worse as his character becomes embroiled in a tense New Year storyline.