The Reader: US abortion law is attack on the vulnerable

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
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Federal judge Robert Pitman has blocked the controversial law that bans women in Texas from obtaining an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and makes no exceptions for rape or incest. He rightly described the measure as an “offensive deprivation” of a constitutional right. Pitman claimed Texas women were now “unlawfully prevented from exercising control over their lives in ways that are protected by the constitution”. He also criticised a scheme which gives snoopers $10,000 if they successfully sue clinics which offer aid to desperate women.

The US Supreme Court will hear an attempt by Mississippi to overturn Roe v Wade and return abortion to the back streets. I am deeply concerned that other states like Arkansas, Louisiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio and the Carolinas are launching misogynistic attacks on the most deprived of their female citizens.

Rev Dr John Cameron

Dear John,

Unfortunately on Friday, only two days after this law was blocked, a US appeals court lifted the injunction and temporarily reinstated Texas’s near total ban on abortion. Women in Texas have once again been thrown into a state of uncertainty about the status of their constitutional right to abortion. As you say, the apparent incentivisation of citizens to become vigilantes sets a deeply troubling precedent.

Emma Loffhagen, Comment writer

Time to level up public transport

Interesting that pressure is on London’s mayor to reintroduce night-time Tube services. Residents in Sussex (and probably most of the Home Counties) would be lucky to have regular daytime bus services and the occasional bus after 10pm. When can we expect Mr Johnson to level up the public transport provision?

Kieran Flynn

Let Boris go on holiday, he looks worse for wear

I don't always agree with Boris [but he is] damned if he does and damned if doesn’t. Since other people have been able to go on holiday within the rules, why can't Boris? The bloke looks worse for wear.

Rebecca Sutton

To people who state Boris deserves a holiday: many people would love a holiday and deserve one but they cannot afford it when they have just had £20 taken off their income every week.

Norma Hensby

Ending free lateral flow tests would let Covid rip through poorer communities

If free lateral flow tests are ended, Covid will rip through poorer communities, whose people won’t be able to afford testing but the government statistics will show falling infection rates as they won’t have those positive results. People in minimum wage customer service jobs who serve hundreds of people a day will become points of infection. The government just cares about stats and votes rather than poorer people.

Pippa Granger

New 888 number puts onus on women to protect themselves

This makes me so mad! Instead of putting yet more pressure on us women to protect ourselves while out walking alone, why is more of the onus not being put on educating the police more on dealing with stalking and related crime?! Every Police force in the UK also needs vetting after what happened to Sarah Everard. We cannot let this happen again. So sick of this war on women.

Lucy Hannah

So Boris says introducing misogyny as a hate crime would be too much pressure on the already thinly spread police force. But introducing an entirely new service isn’t?

Siobhàn Kennedy-d'Arc

Let's do more on prevention than cure. Stop cutting services. Let's ensure the law stops men being misogynistic and that it can be dealt with before it gets to a critical point. Stop ignoring women when they report a stalker/a man harassing them. Treat it seriously.

Daphne Diamond Dorricott

How would the night tube help women feel safer?

I don’t think the problem is whether the night tube is open or closed. I think the problem is that we live in a world where women can’t feel safe. Let’s not be stupid and blame people who have nothing to do with this issue. How would the night tube help women feel safer? As if creeps and rapists don’t use the tube? Please.

Giorgia Rella

Taxis are harder to come by at the moment and the night buses aren’t as safe in my view. I used to love being able to travel home late knowing there were lots of others around.

Lucinda Davis

Are there CCTV cameras in every carriage? Not sure I'd want to be alone in one late at night when someone else gets on. At least with a bus there's more chance of other passengers and driver being close by in case anything happens.

Joe Morel

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