Ready Player One poster: What has happened to Tye Sheridan's leg?

Jack Shepherd

Despite a new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One having just been released, the majority of talk regarding the upcoming blockbuster has centred on the poster.

Well, not the entire poster — which partly recreates the cover of Ernest Cline’s book — but specifically Tye Sheridan’s outstretched leg.

The poster’s creator seems to have liberally used the distort tool on Photoshop to create something that looks utterly ridiculous. Check out the poster below.

For clarity’s sake, here’s an image of the 5′ 7″ Sheridan standing up normally. As you can see, the actor has quite normal legs, if not slightly short.

Tye Sheridan (Getty Images)

Of course, the Internet has picked up on the odd poster, posting dozens of long-legged memes.