Rebel Wilson Reveals Secret To Fat Amy's Pitch Perfect 2 Wardrobe Malfunction, And I Had No Idea

 Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect 2.
Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect 2.

Pitch Perfect 2 gave us a lot of moments to obsess with that involved Fat Amy like “crushing it” sliding down the stairs or her not-so-subtle flirts with Bumper. But, the one scene that’s still in the back of our minds was the time Rebel Wilson did an aerial stunt for the opening Bellas performance. If you can aca-believe it, the Australian actress reveals a behind-the-scenes secret about that wardrobe malfunction scene that makes me want to rewatch it now.

What Pitch Perfect 2 is about is the Bellas trying to make a comeback after being suspended when Fat Amy’s aerial stunt during President Obama’s birthday performance goes horribly wrong. If you want to know how wrong, she accidentally split her pants singing Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” revealing to everyone at Kennedy Center her buttcrack due to not wearing underwear. In an Instagram video to promote her memoir, Rebel Wilson revealed a secret about that hilarious wardrobe malfunction scene that I had no idea about. Here’s what she said:

I mean, one, obviously the Pitch Perfect stories. Like how the hell that [aerial scene] happened in Pitch Perfect 2. And actually, Mel the makeup artist had to draw a fake butt crack on that, from that scene. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’ll be like, ‘What the hell is she going on about?’

So, the buttcrack revealed by Fat Amy wasn’t Rebel Wilson’s or a stunt double’s for that matter. It was drawn in. Just when you think you have an idea how a scene is done and then an on-set bomb is dropped that makes you want to rewatch it again. Another interesting fact about that Bellas national scandal scene was that the Bridesmaids actress said it took her five weeks to nail down that stunt which truly is impressive as she said.

For Rebel Wilson’s memoir Rebel Rising, the Senior Year actress said she planned on not only disclosing secrets from her time in the Pitch Perfect trilogy but also stories of her personal life that would be of interest to us. Wilson claimed she'd discuss “in-depth” dropping 60 pounds of weight she wanted to lose and the importance of feeling good about yourself. She also wanted to touch more on her childhood and having to deal with rejection in the entertainment industry. In fact, the Cats actress would deal with the stress of being famous through eating donuts which was a pattern she knew she had to overcome.

The talented actress also said in her Instagram video she talks in detail about the fertility issues she dealt with after turning 40. Fortunately, her dreams of being a parent came true when she announced the birth of her first child on November 22 via surrogacy. Sexuality will also be a topic of conversation the Super Fun Night star will touch upon who went public about her relationship with her girlfriend after being nearly outed by The Sydney Morning Herald. She and Ramona Agruma are still going strong being parents to the daughter they share.

I can’t believe I was today years old when I found out the buttcrack shown by Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect 2 was actually drawn in. I’m sure we’ll get more surprising facts about Rebel Wilson and the Pitch Perfect movies by reading her memoir Rebel Rising. It’s available to pre-order now at Simon & Schuster and Amazon before its April 2nd release date. You can also watch that scandalous scene from Pitch Perfect 2 available on your Max subscription.