Receding Seawater Exposes Shore at San Diego Beach Amid Tsunami Warning

Receding seawater left swathes of normally submerged beach exposed in San Diego, California, on Sunday, January 15, as the area was hit by tsunami waves triggered by the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano.

This video by Shawn White shows the water receding before crashing back in and submerging the shore again. People can be seen walking on shoreline rocks while later, another person surfs in the choppy cross waves.

White told Storyful he shot this video after waking up early to a tsunami warning.

“What really blew my mind is how far the water went back from the shore,” White said. “Really Wild to see and frightening.”

The National Tsunami Warning Center cancelled its tsunami advisory for San Diego on Sunday evening. Credit: Shawn White via Storyful