Reckless driver with iPad and phone strapped to steering wheel pulled over by Canadian police

Ryan Butcher
Traffic police fined a driver in Vancouver after he was found to have his phone and tablet strapped to his steering wheel: Vancouver Police / Twitter

Canadian police were aghast when they stopped a reckless driver who had a phone and tablet strapped to his steering wheel.

And despite his dangerous set-up, he was only issued a fine amounting to $81 – or £48.

Traffic police in Vancouver pulled the driver over when they noticed he was wearing headphones that led straight to his steering wheel.

Shocked officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they found it had been turned into a homemade car entertainment system and shared a picture on Twitter.

“Can’t make it up. Guy had iPad and cell phone attached by strings on steering wheel while driving! Yes, that’s his ticket he’s holding,” they wrote.

However, according to the CBC, the ticket he was issued was for failing to produce his driver’s licence.

He was not issued a ticket for distracted driving, which would have meant a fine of $368 – or £217.

Police spokesman Constable Jason Doucette told news outlets this week that the office felt “the most effective approach” was to give the driver a thorough education about the dangers of distracted driving.

“We are reminding drivers to leave their devices alone while behind the wheel. Our officer felt education was appropriate in this incident,” he said.

Vancouver police also revealed last week that a driver was fined $368 after he pulled up alongside officers while playing Pokémon Go on his tablet.

“While playing #PokemonGo may be fun, it’s not worth risking your life or the lives of others so that you can play while driving,” they wrote on Twitter.

Distracted drivers kill approximately nine people and injure 1,000 every day in the US alone, according to the CDC.