Reform UK's Solihull East candidate apologises historic post 'likening Royal family to Nazis'

Malcolm Sedgley, Reform UK candidate in Meriden and Solihull East Constituency
-Credit: (Image: Malcolm Sedgley/Reform UK)

A Reform UK candidate has apologised for his use of language after old social media posts likening the Royal Family to 'Nazis' resurfaced in a national newspaper. Malcolm Sedgley, the party’s candidate in Meriden and Solihull East, said his language was "clumsy" and he could have “expressed differently” his opinions.

The Daily Mail reported that in 2019 Mr Sedgley said: “Just because the Royal Family believe they have an almost divine right to rule because of their superior genetics, and that the plebs should swear allegiance to them and show deference at every opportunity, doesn't make them Nazis. Oh... hang on.” The publication reported that in another post in 2017, the 57-year-old shared a link to a BBC story with the headline 'Tax haven secrets of the ultra-rich exposed' which included a picture of the late Queen.

Mr Sedgley was quoted as saying: “An OAP on benefits, heading an extended family with barely a job between them, manages to save a few quid and sneak it away for a rainy day. What's wrong with that?”

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The Local Democracy Reporting Service contacted Mr Sedgley who said of the 2019 post: “On the first item, I do indeed apologise for my use of language. “It was an attempt to point out, in a slightly clumsy way, that the head of state should not be selected based on bloodlines in the 21st century.

-Credit:Malcolm Sedgley/Reform UK
-Credit:Malcolm Sedgley/Reform UK

“Personally, I'm not much of a monarchist. However, the majority of the population are and, as I'm a democrat, I have no problem with the head of state being chosen in this way if that is what the people want.”

Asked about the 2017 post Mr Sedgley said: “I was responding to a BBC item on how many of the wealthiest in society pay relatively little tax, certainly compared to ordinary people - in terms of percentage of all income generated - thanks to numerous tax loopholes. The article used the monarch as an example. Although it could have been expressed differently, I stand by the sentiments expressed.”

Reform UK was contacted for comment about Mr Sedgley's posts. The candidates standing for election in Meriden and Solihull East are:

  • Sarah Alan - Labour

  • Saqib Bhatti - Conservative

  • Malcolm Sedgley - Reform UK

  • Shesh Sheshabhatter - Green

  • Sunny Virk - Liberal Democrats

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