Reporter’s Interview With Right-Wing TV Host Spirals Into Chaos: ‘Don’t Bring That Bulls**t’

Right-wing TV host Brian Glenn declared his heated interview “over” with a reporter before a MAGA-supporting rapper added to a chaotic scene outside of Donald Trump’s Philadelphia rally on Saturday.

Glenn, a reporter with Real America’s Voice dating Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), dismissed the former president’s hush money conviction as he spoke to Adam Mockler from the progressive MeidasTouch Network.

“It’s worthless because there was no crime that was committed,” claimed Glenn less than a month after Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts.

“Falsifying business records with the intent of covering up another crime, Michael Cohen —,” Mockler interjected.

“That’s what they said. That’s what you say,” Glenn replied.

“That’s what the jury said, the jury hand-picked by Donald Trump’s lawyers,” Mockler said.

Glenn went on to call Mockler a Trump hater who was trying to get people “tripped up” before rapper Forgiato Blow got in front of the camera and flashed a chain resembling the former president’s head.

“Would you rather have Joe Biden in the White House for another four years?” Glenn asked Mockler.

“Absolutely, absolutely, President Biden –,” Mockler responded.

“Interview over, interview over,” Glenn said.

Forgiato Blow, who once let Greene appear in his music video as “MAGA’s MVP,” proceeded to get closer to the two amid their clash before Mockler pushed the rapper away from him.

“Don’t put your hand on me again, bro, don’t touch me. Don’t, bro, don’t touch me, my dog,” said the rapper as he got in Mockler’s face.

“Don’t bring that bullshit over here,” Glenn later shouted.

You can check out more of Mockler’s interviews from the Philly rally in the video below.