'Reprehensible': Hudson Valley Motorist Drives With New York Transportation Worker on Hood

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) shared footage of a motorist hitting a highway worker with a car as the man attempted to direct traffic around an accident in the Hudson Valley on October 22.

A Highway Emergency Local Patrol (HELP) officer was directing traffic near a crash site on the Palisades Parkway when the driver of a red Toyota hit the gas and forced the worker onto the hood of the car. Additional angles show the driver continue down the parkway until getting stopped by another officer, at which point the patrol worker was able to jump off.

According to reports, the worker had minor injuries, but it was unclear if the driver had been charged.

“We see reprehensible behavior on our roads every day,” NYSDOT said on Twitter. “He was there to ensure safety for motorists. Ensure his safety by slowing down, paying attention and being patient.” Credit: NYSDOT via Storyful