Residents left in the dark over housing development on outskirts of Coventry

The proposed housing scheme at Kings Hill Lane, near Finham, moved a step closer after a section 106 agreement was signed
-Credit: (Image: Lioncourt Homes)

A parish council have been left in the dark about the future of a large housing development on the outskirts of Coventry. The Kings Hill Lane housing development was set to build around 2,500 houses and two schools in the area and was given outline planning permission in December 2021.

However, over two years on, little progress has been made and locals, including Stoneleigh and Ashow Parish Council chairperson Richard Hancox, are none the wiser.

“It’s disappointing because we were hoping to keep talking to them about improvements to the necessary infrastructure because building 2500 homes there won’t work without significant changes to the highway infrastructure.”

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Developer Lioncourt Homes was originally slated to build the development. However, they’re now in the process of handing it over to a new developer, though it’s unknown who that may be.

Hancox said he’d heard “nothing at all” from Lioncourt in recent weeks. “The only thing we’ve had from them is they came and did a presentation to us before any planning consideration just to see how the land lay around the parish," he said

“We could ask Warwick District Council to give us an update. They’d probably tell us that until Lioncourt or the replacement developer are found, they don’t know what the plans are for moving the development forward, is what I imagine.”

A Warwick District Council spokesperson confirmed “before the development can commence, there are a number of planning conditions which need to be discharged and details of the proposals for the different phases.”

This matches with recent environmental assessments undertaken as recently as last month. Hancox said that whatever the status of the project, it was not popular among locals in the area.

He added: “We’re a very small parish council in terms of the electorate but we’re very big in the amount of land. We’ve only got probably the best part of 600 people but they were all, almost to the individual, staunchly against the development, saying it was completely inappropriate for the area.”

Locals cited the possible congestion problems of the new homes, with Hancox describing the nearby A46 dual carriageway as “almost stationary every single day.”

“The thought of trying to squeeze another possibly 3500 vehicles on to the network doesn’t bear thinking about.”

In a statement, Warwick District Council confirmed that Lioncourt were still involved with the Kings Hill site.

"The Council has been in regular discussions with representatives from Lioncourt Strategic. There has been a concerted effort to secure ‘discharge of conditions’ approval for the many planning conditions associated with the 2021 approval including matters relating to highways, archaeology etc.

They said that there was and understanding that Lioncourt’s intention was to discharge as many conditions associated with the planning permission as possible, and to progress highway matters, prior to Lioncourt marketing the site.

"The site marketing process is yet to commence as Lioncourt are still working to progress certain matters (including highway matters in discussion with both Coventry City Council and warwickshire-county-council>Warwickshire County Council) prior to marketing.

"Lioncourt have advised that they are working to try and market the site in September 2024. Lioncourt Homes has been approached for comment.