Rest of the world didn't think Brexit would actually happen

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

Politicians from across the globe questioned how the UK would not actually go through with Brexit, according to Tory grandee William Hague.

The former Foreign Secretary revealed that he was asked how Britain would “get round” the EU referendum result for months.

Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Lord Hague said that he explained how “this really is a democracy” when he was asked if the UK would “lose heart” over leaving the EU.

William Hague said world leaders did not think Brexit would actually happen (Rex)

He wrote: “The electorate voted to leave the EU, and therefore we leave.

“What is more, the number of people who voted to do so was higher than the number of votes cast for any government in our history.

“To me and many of my former colleagues in government who preferred to remain, the argument was over.


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“In the recent general election, both main parties were clear that they were committed to the referendum outcome.

“Globally, the message has now got through.”

Lord Hague stood down as an MP in 2015 and despite airing Eurosceptic views over the years, he campaigned to remain in the EU.

Lord Hague praised chancellor Philip Hammond for suggesting the UK remains part of the single market until 2022 (AP)

He now says that Brexit has the potential to become the “greatest economic, diplomatic and constitutional muddle in the modern history of the UK, with unknowable consequences for the country, the government and the Brexit project itself”.

Praising chancellor Philip Hammond’s calls for the UK to remain in the single market and customs union during a transitional phase, Lord Hague added: “This is seen by longstanding advocates of leaving as a ‘soft’ position or a climbdown.

“But in reality it is a plan to rescue Brexit from an approaching disaster.”

Top pic: Reuters