Reuben Owen panics 'if we don't fix it' in hero move after heavy rain

Reuben Owen on Reuben: Life in the Dales
Reuben Owen on Reuben: Life in the Dales -Credit:Channel 5

Reuben Owen was called out to help make repairs and prevent a road from being flooded in the latest episode of his show Reuben: Life in the Dales

Following heavy rain in the Swaledale area of the Yorkshire Dales, Reuben Owen alongside his girlfriend Sarah, were called to help make repairs to a Victorian culvert. The culvert was 100-years-old, and was placed next to a road which provided access to an isolated farmhouse.

Due to the blockage of the culvert following damage it sustained in the rain, this road was now being threatened by flooding. Reuben said: "So it's the only access to that house, so if we don't fix it they can't get out very well."

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To make matters worse, the culvert needed to be repaired completely by hand. The group quickly got to work, making use of shovels to dig out the ground around the culvert.

After a lot of work in the rain, they then had to remove the large stones the culvert was built from, so they could reconstruct the channel. Making use of ropes, Reuben and the group managed to clear it, allowing water to flow back through.

The soil was then replaced and the culvert was as good as new. Reuben added: "Fixing it properly in the old ways is what kind of keeps Swaledale, Swaledale, you know what I mean?"

Sarah added: "It's just kind of nice to redo it how they did back in the day. It makes you appreciate all the hard work because, I mean, we're only doing this tiny piece. You can't imagine how long it took them all to do all of this. It's just nice to carry on tradition."

Thankfully, their efforts paid off and the nearby road was saved from flooding, with the culvert repaired.

Reuben Owen was called out to help repair the culvert
Reuben Owen was called out to help repair the culvert -Credit:Channel 5