Reuben Owen helped save local community from flood

The Our Yorkshire Farm star helped rebuild a collapsed drain after heavy rainfall threatened to cause a flood, cutting a house off from the road.

Reuben Owen: My Yorkshire Life S1 ep3 Reuben, Miles, Sarah and Tommy cutting up wood
Reuben Owen's work as a farmer helps the community by keeping roads clear. (Channel 5)

Life In The Dales star Reuben Owen helped save his local community by preventing a flood in the latest episode of his new show.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star helped divert a stream after heavy rainfall threatened to flood the road and cut a house off. The 20-year-old farmer and girlfriend Sarah Dow were called in to help a local masonry expert following heavy rain in the Dales. The pair also helped to clear a fallen tree that had come down on another farmer's wall.

Reuben Owen: My Yorkshire Life S1 ep3 Reuben Owen cutting felled tree with a chainsaw
Reuben was joined by brother Miles to clear a felled tree on Life In The Dales. (Channel 5)

Reuben rose to fame in Our Yorkshire Farm with Yorkshire Shepherdess mum Amanda Owen, farmer dad Clive Owen and his eight bothers and sisters. Since his parents announced their separation in 2022 and Amanda stepped away from the show, Reuben has become a star in his own right.

He began on spin-off series Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Reuben & Clive and now has his own show, featuring his friends and girlfriend Sarah Dow. The latest episode saw Reuben and Sarah called in to help craft mason Pete Roe rebuild a collapsed culvert.

The culvert is an Victorian stone structure which channels a stream underground through the fields. Reuben said: "It's the only access to that house, so if we don't fix it, they can't get out." After digging into the stream so that they could climb in and rebuilt the stones Reuben said: "Fixing it properly in the old way is kind of what keeps Swale Dale, Swale Dale."

Girlfriend Sarah Dow said: "It's kind of nice to redo it how they did back in the day. It makes you appreciate all the hard work that they did. It's nice to carry on tradition."

Reuben also came to the rescue of another farmer after a large tree had fallen and damaged their wall. Reuben, Sarah and friend Tommy used a tractor to haul the tree off the wall and up a hill before chopping it up and clearing it.

Reuben was joined to move the tree by younger brother Miles, 17. Miles revealed he is following in his mother's footsteps as a shepherd. Miles said: "When I'm not helping Reuben I'm back at the farm. I'm going down the shepherding route and doing sheep, cows, chickens, helping me mam's horses. There's always something to do there." His mother Amanda Owen is known as The Yorkshire Shepherdess.

Miles added: "It's nice to see Reuben doing so well, growing all the time, I'm very proud."

Reuben Owen: My Yorkshire Life S1 ep3 Reuben Owen and Tommy McWhirter filling up engine with oil
Reuben Owen bought and restored several vintage tractors to make money. (Channel 5)

Reuben and girlfriend Sarah, 19, are planning a romantic holiday to France, which will be Reuben's first ever time abroad. The young farmer bought two vintage tractors as part of his money-raising scheme to fund his trip. He and Sarah worked together to restore the vehicles so they could sell them on.

The pair also visited a local second-hand book shop to look for a French phrase book as part of their romantic holiday plans. Reuben said: "We're going on a trip to France and our language skills aren't that brilliant." As they read the book and tried to pronounce the phrases Reuben stumbled: "Pardon... mois... Man this going to be hard!"

Sarah admitted she was looking forward to going abroad. She said: "I think it will be quite cool. A bit different."

Reuben: Life in the Dales airs on Channel 5 at 8pm on Thursdays.