Reuben Owen's girlfriend Sarah shares plans for new career away from his business

Reuben Owen and his girlfriend Sarah Dow
Reuben Owen and his girlfriend Sarah Dow -Credit:Instagram/reubenowen74

Reuben Owen's girlfriend Sarah Dow has revealed plans for a new career as she hinted she might not stay working with her boyfriend forever. Sarah has been working with the former Our Yorkshire Farm star on his heavy machinery business for the last few years.

Sarah, who started dating Reuben in around 2021, revealed she had ambitions to become a firefighter on the Channel 5 show as she headed off to the local station to be put through her paces. She told viewers: "From like 6 I first wanted to be a firefighter because it was a cool career.

"Now I'm realising that when I was a kid I maybe had a good idea. It seems like a good idea for life is to help other people through theirs."

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She was assessed by firefighters from Cumbria Fire and Rescue on the show, undergoing a fitness test. Sarah told the crew: "I think the idea of it being a rewarding career - you save lives at the end of the day."

Her first test, which Reuben and teammate Tom joined in with, was to get the bulky kit on as quickly as possible. She was then put through several physical challenges including running with a hose reel jet and carrying it rolled up.

After the strenuous test, Sarah admitted it has been challenging as she puffed 'Goodness me'. Reuben told her: "It looked hard that reel took some pulling."

Sarah said she would be back to do more training to work on her fitness. She added: "I'm still keen, I still want to do it."

And it looks like she could be successful as the team encouraged her to apply for a position when they were next recruiting.