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1. Brexit

Surprise, surprise – Brexit is the most-searched term overall in 2018 – could that still be the case in 2019? (Getty)

Year in Review 2018: The biggest Yahoo UK search term revealed

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

With Brexit day fast approaching, it may not be a surprise to hear that it was the most searched term on Yahoo in 2018.

With uncertainty over Britain’s future – and whether the country will leave the EU at all – Yahoo users have been trying to find as much information as possible on the divisive issue.

Among the top 20 overall searches of the year, smash hit online game Fortnite has also leapt into the top three, with parents desperate to find out about the gaming phenomenon keeping children glued to their screens.

Meghan Markle, the newest member of the Royal Family, features twice in the overall searches list, while The Greatest Showman – which seems to have soundtracked the entire year – also features in the top 10.

And while Boris Johnson has been one of the top talking points in politics this year, he still isn’t as searched as ITV2 summer smash Love Island