REVIEW: Craig David takes the RAVE to London's The O2 Arena

Craig David was determined to bring “two generations” of music fans “together” to dance their socks off when he performed his sell out shows at London’s The O2 Arena on the weekend.

Craig David brought two generations together at his sell out show at London’s O2 Arena (Photo: WENN)

If you missed his O2 Arena shows make sure you catch the star at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, on April 9.

The pop star stormed the stage on Saturday and Sunday night and sang a bevy of his hits from his debut album ‘Born To Do It’ – released in 2000 – and a selection of new and delicious tracks from his 2016 record and sixth studio album ‘Following My Intuition’. Which, btw, went straight to number one in the Autumn.

He even sang a beautiful cover of his pal Drake’s hit ‘One Dance’ and the late Whitney Houston’s banger, ‘It’s Not Right But It’s Okay’. However, fans weren’t sure whether to believe Craig when he insisted early on that he was planning to turn the night into a rave.

But then, of course, he did just that.

We should have taken him on his word because Craig – along with the likes of So Solid Crew, More Fire Crew, DJ Luck and MC Neat and Shola Ama to name a few – helped to make Garage music mainstream back in the early naughties.

The O2 Arena became a super club with 20,000 gleeful ravers stomping their feet and jumping around when the 35-year-old singer played an incredible mix of House and Garage (I Bring You Flowers, Imagine If I Told You That I Want You), Drum ‘n’ Bass, Reggae (Murder She Wrote) and Jungle (SHY FX/Original Nuttah) tracks during the second half of his show.

It was absolutely magical because back when these songs were first released we never would have dreamed that we’d get to hear them played in a huge mainstream music venue and there would be people of all ages dancing along to them.

That, ladies and gengtlemen, is the Craig David effect!

(Photo: WENN)

Yes, gone are the days when you would be forced to turn the dial on your FM radio with the exact precision of a safecracker in order to pick up the latest transient pirate station that played these tunes. Anyone remember Fresh FM?

Now you can go and see Craig David – backed by Big Narstie – at a huge music venue with decent toilets, food, drinks and security.

If you missed his O2 Arena shows then make sure you catch the star at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, on April 9th. Bring your mates, your mum, your kids and your grandad! We can guarantee you won’t regret it.

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