Rhona Cameron among the comedians joining GB News' 'Headliners'

British comedian and television personality Rhona Cameron, pictured at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where she talked about her new book entitled The naked Drinking Club. The Book Festival was the World's largest literary event and featured writers from around the world. The 2007 event featured around 550 writers and ran from 11-27 August. (Photo by Colin McPherson/Corbis via Getty Images)
Rhona Cameron has joined 'Headliners'. (Colin McPherson/Corbis via Getty Images)

Rhona Cameron is among the comedians who have signed up to GB News’ newspaper preview show, Headliners.

In total, 13 comics have joined the late night programme and will rotate on the panel.

They include Andrew Doyle, Steve N Allen, Nick Dixon, Josh Howie, Leo Kearse and Sajeela Kershi.

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Erich McElroy, Diane Spencer and Ian Stone will also be taking part in the programme, which is hosted on an alternating basis by Mark Dolan, Simon Evans and Dominic Frisby.

Chortle quoted Doyle as saying that the show is meant to be “a fast-paced and witty riff on the traditional paper preview format”.

“The difference with comedians is we tend to look at the world through a different lens,” he said.

“We don’t see everything as a joke or a gag, but we do look at things sideways so we often spot the irony, the paradoxes and even the absurdity of serious things."

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GB News launched in June last year but has had a few problems since it started.

Mark Dolan is one of the stars on GB News. (Getty)
Mark Dolan is one of the stars on GB News. (Getty)

The channel came under fire for technical glitches when it began and it was also victim to a few pranks, with comedian Adam Pacitti calling in and mooning live on air and presenters tricked into appearing to say some rude words.

Then in September broadcasting veteran Andrew Neil stepped down as chairman.

Earlier this month, presenter Eamonn Holmes made his debut hosting a breakfast channel on the channel, after leaving ITV's This Morning.

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