Richard Bacon put in induced-coma and fighting for life following pneumonia

(PA, Twitter)
(PA, Twitter)

TV presenter Richard Bacon has been placed in a coma and is now fighting for his life in hospital.

Bacon, 42, previously shared photos on social media of him wired up in hospital saying that he’d been admitted during the NHS’s 70th birthday week: ‘Thank God I got ill in Britain (actually on the way to Britain, was taken off the plane in a wheelchair). F*ck all the ideology driven politicians who’ve messed up America’s healthcare system. Viva the NHS. Happy 70th.’


However, since then he’s been placed into a medically-induced coma to battle pneumonia in both of his lungs and to help stabilise him to fight the infection.

According to Metro, a source close to the star says that Bacon’s health is in a critical state: ‘Doctors started treating him for pneumonia but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t working and his condition took a dramatic turn for the worse.

‘They had no choice but to put him into a medically-induced coma to save his life because things spiralled so fast, but that was a week ago and they are no closer to finding out what is wrong with him or how to help him,’ the source says.

Bacon was admitted to hospital eight days ago after he was removed from a flight from America to the UK to seek medical attention.

His sister, Juliet, shared a photo and some more information on her brother via her Instagram account: ‘This is my seventh day visiting my brother who’s been in an induced coma since last Thursday, just so grateful to the NHS x’ she captioned the image, as the former Blue Peter presenter’s condition appears to have worsened.

A source close to the Sun said: ‘It’s touch and go, and extremely upsetting for everyone who loves him. They are beside themselves with worry.’

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