The Rink on Chicago’s South Side stars in new Wilco video

The Rink, a longtime roller skating rink on the South Side, has a starring role in a new music video by Chicago band Wilco, out Thursday.

The video for “Meant To Be,” a song off Wilco’s 2023 studio album “Cousin,” was filmed at The Rink, 1122 E. 87th St. The Rink was one of the birthplaces of “JB skating,” a flowing, laid-back style often skated to the music of James Brown. According to The Rink’s website, the location has been open for some 50 years and is the sole African American-owned roller skating rink in Illinois.

In the video, the skaters swirling around the band include a number of Chicagoans, according to a band announcement Thursday, including Calvin Small, an originator of JB style, and champion skater Darius Sanders.