Rishi Sunak tells ITV Loose Women stars he can't 'quite remember' when he learnt about sex

Rishi Sunak admitted he couldn't "quite remember" when he first learnt about sex but said his education was based on "a mix of things". However he said it was "very different now" due to social media, and said young children were being now exposed to things that "clearly weren't appropriate" for their age.

During an appearance on Loose Women, the Prime Minister discussed his plans to reform sex education in schools. He touched on claims pupils were being taught there were "72 different gender identities" and said: "'I don't remember that being an issue when I was younger.”

Mr Sunak told the panel, which consisted of Kaye Adams, Judi Love, Janet Street-Porter and Jane Moore that parents "must be allowed to know what's going on", adding: "There shouldn't be a situation, like we've had, where schools have said to parents 'no, you can't see the materials', that's not right."

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He said on the ITV show that "we should let kids be kids" as he said it was important sex education had a "system of age ratings informed by experts advice about what is appropriate" and children should be taught "the facts".

A review into the Relationships, Sex and Health Education lessons was ordered by Mr Sunak last year. It followed concerns over “age-inappropriate, extreme, sexualising and inaccurate” content.

As a result, updated guidance will see sex education banned for children younger than nine years old and more 'explicit' conversations about sex delayed until youngsters are 13, including topics such as contraception, sexually transmitted infections and abortion. The concept of gender identity, which the government said was "highly contested" should not be taught, according to the new guidance, although the facts about biological sex and gender reassignment will still be taught.