Can the RNLI save our soulless ministers?

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<span>Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA</span>
Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

Well done to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution for coming out loud and clear against those trying to score populist points (RNLI hits out at ‘migrant taxi service’ accusations, 28 July). We need more public bodies to contest the normalisation of the proto-fascist narrative.
Constanza Lezama

• May I suggest the RNLI lifeboat training (How an RNLI training pool gave me an insight into crossing Channel as a migrant, 28 July) be mandatory for Boris Johnson and his cabinet, especially Priti Patel?
June Trask
South Petherton, Somerset

• Doing some research at the National Army Museum in the 1980s, I phoned ahead to have some documents put aside for me. The librarian asked for my name and I replied, starting “It’s, er…”, as one does. When I arrived, there was the envelope, neatly labelled “Sir Ralph Lloyd-Jones”. Not yet, I had to explain (Letters, 28 July).
Ralph Lloyd-Jones

• My Henry vacuum cleaner (Letters, 27 July) was deliberately awkward, getting stuck or falling over wherever possible, and always with that stupid smug grin. He was still smiling when I left him at the recycling centre, which makes me think his grin wasn’t genuine.
Nick Rudman
Hindon, Wiltshire

• I thought I and the Guardian headline writers were down with the kids: “Universities in England cool on idea of vaccine certificates” (Print edition, 27 July). Then I realised it meant they were going off the idea.
Helen Christie (nearly 69)
Barrowford, Lancashire

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