All the road closures this weekend as RideLondon arrives in the capital

RideLondon will see more than 25,000 cyclists take to the roads this weekend. <i>(Image: PA)</i>
RideLondon will see more than 25,000 cyclists take to the roads this weekend. (Image: PA)

This weekend, up to 25,000 cyclists will be racing through the streets of London as part of RideLondon.

The annual event takes place in London and Essex on Sunday, May 26 for the Ford RideLondon, but there are also events starting on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 May.

Describing the biggest of the events, the 100-mile challenge, the organiser shared: "The centrepiece of the world’s greatest festival of cycling, the 100-mile challenge is one of the UK’s most famous challenge rides and gives riders a unique opportunity to cycle on traffic-free roads through some of the most famous streets of London and the picturesque villages and countryside of neighbouring Essex."

Event organisers have warned affected locals for a while about the road closures, but so you're ready for the day, here's the full list of road closures.

All road closures in London for RideLondon on Sunday, May 26

On Sunday, there will be three separate events held, the Essex 100, FreeCycle and the third stage of the Classique.

In central and east London, there will be extensive road closures from 00.01 to 9pm on May 26.

The road closures will mean:

  • Vehicles will only be able to cross the route at designated vehicle crossing points

  • People walking will be able to cross on foot at designated pedestrian crossing points

  • You cannot cycle on closed roads unless you are taking part in the event

  • Closed roads will be reopened once it is safe to do so

Road closures in London will include areas of Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets and more.

You can find a full detailed map of road closures via RideLondon here.

What London buses are affected by RideLondon?

TfL has warned that several bus routes will be impacted by RideLondon, with the following facing diversions on May 26 from 3am until 10pm.

The following DAY buses will be impacted:

1; 4; 5; 8; 9; 11; 12; 14; 15; 17; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 29; 38; 42; 43; 46; 47; 53; 56; 59; 66; 68; 69; 76; 78; 86; 87; 88; 91; 94; 98; 100; 104; 108; 115; 133; 135; 139; 141; 145; 147; 148; 150; 159; 167; 172; 176; 179; 188; 205; 211; 238; 241; 243; 257; 262; 275; 276; 277; 300; 308; 309; 323; 330; 341; 343; 344; 362; 381; 397; 425; 453; 462; 473; 474; 488; D3; D7; D8; W12; W13; W14

The following NIGHT buses will be impacted:

N3; N5; N8; N11; N15; N18; N20; N21; N25; N26; N29; N41; N44; N53; N55; N86; N87; N89; N91; N97; N109; N113; N136; N155; N199; N205; N277; N279; N343; N381; N550; N551

You can find out the latest information on closures and diverted routes via the TfL website.